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To provide children with unparalleled care and treatment for cancer and catastrophic diseases regardless of their family's ability to pay and provide them and their families with a world class facility.
Committed to providing children the highest level of cancer care and treatment.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that cancer has become India's leading cause of death. Approximately 17,000 new cases of childhood cancer are detected every year in India. This is almost double the incidence in the next highest country - the US.

  • When diagnosed early enough and treated with the appropriate protocols, approximately 70% of childhood cancers are curable. Tragically, only 20% of children detected with cancer in India benefit from advanced medical care, translating into an unacceptably high number of children dieing of their disease.

  • Many of these patients are not able to get the care they need in a timely fashion due to the expensive nature of treatment, the lack of expertise, and poor facilities in the surrounding areas.

A peek at New Year Greetings from our Little Survivors
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